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Tour Photography

A tour is something special for everybody involved, from artist to crew to fans who travel to multiple concerts to see their favorite performer, to the ones who cannot make it. My mission is to make the audible visible, to give the music a vision that underlines the message and helps people to connect with all aspects of the touring industry. Live coverage of shows, behind the scenes and the making of the end product are just parts that are documented on tour - the possibilities are endless.


The Driver Era

A documentation of the pop duos festival summer tour in Europe 2023, a fever dream of huge headline shows, intimate club gigs and behind the scenes.


Orbit Culture

The rising stars of metal on their UK run 2023, the journey on english roads and Scottish towns alongside legends Trivium and Bleed from Within. 

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Cypecore / SetYourSails

Apocalpytic metal and female fronted metalcore on their Germany tour 2023 brought old fans and new ones together on three long weekends.

The Driver Era

Orbit Culture