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This is me, Faye

A 29 year old full time traveller, photographer and writer who loves to capture the true beauty of this planet. There is nothing that makes me happier and more in peace than travelling, learning to know different cultures and observe the world with my camera. My heart beats for wild landscapes, foreign cultures and music, concerts and festivals are very close to my heart.

Born and raised in Switzerland, but always with a deep knowledge that I wasn't made to live at one place and that the world was calling me. When I discovered the nomadic lifestyle, I finally felt understood knowing that there are others like me, who are travelling the world for a living. I dreamed about it for over ten years, until one day it all came together and I sold all my belongings, packed my equipment and left the safety of permanent residency to live on the road.

I never had any interest in doing event photography in the way of just taking photos of a happening. What drives me, is the fact that I got the chance create art through other peoples art, to make something thats audible visible and transport that feeling into another medium. Every photography, every series and every story is a piece of art, something on its own that stands alongside the music that is captured. 

You can find my personal blog under www.feathersandgoldbears,com and follow my journey on @feathersandgoldbears or @acalltothedreamers for my professional account  on Instagram. 

I`m working with a Canon R5, Canon 5D Mark IV,  GoPro 11 and a Dji Mavic Pr o2. Most shots are done with the Canon RF 50mm 1.2, Canon 70-200mm 2.8, Canon 100mm 2.8 or the Canon RF 15-34 f2.8 lenses. 

All photos on this page can be ordered as prints, just send me an email via

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